AffecTel is the culmination of over 20 years of telecommunications experience. We have experienced and witnessed both extremely positive and extremely negative practices by companies in our industry. We have survived and even prospered through the largest national disaster to befall our country, Hurricane Katrina. The knowledge that we have gained allows you to benefit from the range of best practices we have developed. Our knowledge enables us to present options that we have implemented for companies that needed similar solutions to what your company needs.


AffecTel is in the business of providing our clients with solutions that enable them to not only meet their known needs, but to be prepared for the unknown. AffecTel will meet the highest ethical standards and focus on being a positive corporate citizen. We will make every effort to operate as “Green” a company as possible by minimizing our footprint, utilizing teleconferencing and minimalistic products and services.


AffecTel does not charge hourly for its services. Instead, we only charge our clients if true value is achieved and actual savings are realized. We charge a percentage of a client’s first year savings, billable after the third month after any implementation. In the years following, we charge a smaller percentage of savings for the life of our engagement. This way, the client should have no out of pocket expenses for our services.


North East : (610) 717-1377
Mid Atlantic : (423) 217-4980
Gulf South : (504) 388-6453