After developing a cohesive plan, AffecTel will research hardware and service providers who will work with us to meet your goals. Through our 20 plus years in communications, serving clients both nationwide and internationally, we have a working relationship with almost every service carrier and equipment provider. We know which providers have the products and services that will best fit your company’s needs and will solicit multiple quotes on your behalf for these services. We will actively negotiate with these providers to get the best pricing available for your business. AffecTel will then make a recommendation for your consideration.

While many companies offer similar services and equipment, there are nuances and details that the lay person will overlook or not know to ask about. These details become critical for your business, usually at the worst time possible. AffecTel’ s predecessor company was right in the middle of the Hurricane Katrina Disaster, but the majority of our clients had redundancies which allowed them to be back in business days and even weeks before their competition. While not every company will face this type of catastrophe, we can make sure that your business is prepared for almost any contingency, whether it is an unexpected leave of absence from a critical employee, actual damage to your facility, or an unanticipated spike in business.

AffecTel will make sure you are prepared...